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.Jan 11, 2017

Verifying your WordPress site with Google Search Console

Before you begin
Step 1 - Register for Google Search Console
Step 2 - Copy the HTML tag
Step 3 - Add HTML code on your wordpress site
Step 4 - Verify your site

Step 1 - Register for Google Search Console
Go to google webmasters tools and log into your Google account.

Enter your primary domain name in the box and click Add Property. Do the following to ensure you're entering your domain correctly:

Step 2 - Copy the HTML tag

Google will recommend a verification method based on your domain provider. For the simplest setup, we recommend the HTMLTag method instead.

Click the Alternate Methodstab, then check HTMLTag. Copy the meta tag.

Step 3 - Add HTMLtag code on your wordpress site.

log in your wordpress site, and go to your theme editor option, and past the google html verifi code, and save the theme

Step 4 - Verify your siteIn Google Search Console,
click Verify.

A congratulations message will appear.

Thank you :-D :-*